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MMBW-1897-mapCollingwood Historical Society conducts a local walk every November.

The following links provide the routes, background notes and photos with the most recent walk shown first.



Clement Hodgkinson, Naturalist and Landscape Gardener

At our 2009 AGM our guest speaker, Georgina Whitehead, delivered a very interesting talk on Clement Hodgkinson.

Georgina Whitehead is a landscape architect and is the author of Civilising the city: a history of Melbourne’s parks and gardens. Clement Hodgkinson rose to prominence in nineteenth century Melbourne as a senior figure in the Surveyor-General’s Department and the Board of Crown Lands and Survey. His local connections include surveying and mapping Collingwood in the 1850s, and acting as honorary consulting engineer for the early municipality of East Collingwood.
Clement Hodgkinson Talk ( 154kb pdf file)

Footnotes and references are not included, but if you want to follow these up, click on the link to Georgina’s thesis.

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