Planning & Heritage Issues

Planning & Heritage Issues

The Collingwood Historical Society has had an active involvement in the heritage planning for the City of Yarra and previously for the City of Collingwood (Abbotsford, Clifton Hill and Collingwood) over the past 30 years or so. We were members of the committee for the City of Collingwood Urban Conservation Study by Andrew Ward in the 1980s. We have been members of a number of the City of Yarra’s heritage review committees. We are deeply concerned that the historical and heritage value of the area be respected for the benefit of future generations, both the natural heritage of the Yarra River and the built heritage.

Below is a list of some of the planning and heritage sites we have been involved with in recent years. Most involve unsympathetic development of heritage sites, often within heritage precincts, and which fail to meet the objectives of Yarra Council’s heritage guidelines. They also include high rise developments along the sensitive Yarra River corridor.

More information about the proposed developments may be found on the Yarra Council website. 

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Some sites are also on the Victorian Heritage Register.



  • 112-142 Trenerry Crescent (Amendment C219)
  • 18-62 Trenerry Crescent (Amendment C218)
    • Both amendments involve plans for large developments on the Yarra River bank.


  • Johnston St Local Area Plan (Amendment C220)
  • 247-259 Johnston St (St Crispin House). Proposed 15 storey development. Under construction.
  • 647-649 Victoria St. Proposed 10 storey development on Yarra bank next to Walmer St footbridge. Accepted by VCAT.
  • 10-16 Trenerry Crescent (former Yarra Falls Mills). Multi storey residential development on the banks of the Yarra.
  • 677 Victoria St (former Honeywell site). Large-scale development in sensitive riverside area.

Clifton Hill


  • 64 Alexandra Pde, the former Provan’s site. State government rezoning.
  • Queens Pde (Amendment C231)
  • 97-99 Queens Parade (Taco Bill’s) – design of infill building
  • 101-103 Queens Parade (Bendigo Bank).   6 storey proposal.
  • 141-147 Queens Pde (Clifton’s Warehouse)
  • 205-211 Queens Pde. 12 storey development withing heritage overlay


  • 1 South Tce (Sambell Lodge redevelopment). Demolition of St Andrew’s Church was accepted by VCAT.
  • 47 Ramsden St (former Marshall’s butchers).
  • 139 Queens Parade (former Normandy Hotel).
  • 217-241 Queens Parade. 12 storey development within heritage overlay.



  • 42-44 Oxford St, 61-63 Cambridge St. 14 storey development, demolition of much of the fabric of the former Dyason’s cordial factory.
  • 23-33 Johnston St. Proposed 12 storey development behind the significant façade of the former Gregory Steel works, within the Johnston St heritage precinct.


  • 107 Cambridge St, (former Foy & Gibson complex). Large-scale visible development.
  • 62 Easey St/259 Wellington St (former Portsea House site)
  • 34-38 Otter St, St Joseph’s Church. Proposal to demolish rather than repair the fire-damaged church. Collingwood’s oldest church. Demolition refused by VCAT.
  • 1-21 Robert St (former Yorkshire Brewery). Development with 17, 14 and 10 storey towers around the landmark brew tower.


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