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Hotel:Crown Hotel

Hotel ID No25
Hotel Address:

383-385 Victoria Street,
Abbotsford 3067
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Most Recent Name:

Crown Hotel (1912 - 1923)

Previous Name(s):

East Collingwood Hotel (1872 - 1912)

Hotel Address:

383-385 Victoria Street,
Abbotsford 3067
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When Built/Licenced:


When Delicensed:


Status of Building:

Commercial premises



Heritage Victoria Register:


National Trust Register:


Collingwood Conservation Study 1989 & 1995:

Part C, p. 651 and 660

City of Yarra Heritage Review 1998:

Volume 2, Building Citations, Part II, pp. 375-376

City of Yarra Review of Heritage Overlay Areas, 2007 & Heritage Database:

HO59. Individually significant.


Kearney 1855: N ; Hodgkinson 1858: N ; MMBW: Detail plan 1310, 1901


The hotel was constructed for Irishman John Falvey, who owned a number of properties in neighbouring Lithgow Street. He may even have done some of the building, as he was a contractor. Ownership of the hotel remained in the family after his death in 1877, and for several years in the 1890s his widow Maria was the licensee; after her death in 1893 Miss Julia Falvey ran the hotel.

It is a good example of the Italianate style applied to a commercial building, with unusually detailed facades in intact condition.

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