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Hotel:Harp of Erin Hotel

Hotel ID No39
Hotel Address:

Park Street
Abbotsford 3067
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Most Recent Name:

Harp of Erin Hotel (1872 - 1908)

Previous Name(s):


Hotel Address:

Park Street
Abbotsford 3067
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When Built/Licenced:


When Delicensed:


Status of Building:



1970. Windows replaced.

Heritage Victoria Register:


National Trust Register:


Collingwood Conservation Study 1989 & 1995:


City of Yarra Heritage Review 1998:

Volume 2, Building citations, pp.305-306

City of Yarra Review of Heritage Overlay Areas, 2007 & Heritage Database:

HO 43, individually significant


Kearney 1855: N ; Hodgkinson 1858: N ; MMBW: Detail Plan 1311, 1901 (not named)


This is one of the rewards for researchers of Collingwood hotels: to wander down a back street and find that an insignificant hotel, de-licensed more than 100 years ago, is still in existence. The hotel was built by 1871 for Darby Reddan who remained as publican into the 1880s or 1890s. In 1893 the licence was transferred to Honora Reddan; other members of the Reddan family were publicans at several local hotels.

In 1907 the hotel was in the news in connection with a non-alcoholic beverage. Collingwood Council objected to a dairy being conducted in association with the hotel, not that it was a nuisance or unhygienic, but on the principle of the matter. After correspondence with the Board of Health the matter was dropped. ( The Argus, 30 July 1907, p.5)

Despite having been converted into two residences shortly after de-licensing and more recently modernised in appearance, the two old steps leading from the footpath, one of which would have led to the parlour and the other to the bar, stand as a reminder of a previous incarnation. While the majority of Collingwood hotels were built on major traffic and shopping routes, this is one of a handful built in a more out-of-the-way spot which would have served a local clientele. A second look at the building style give some insight into the original simple Italianate design and despite the modern windows, the original bracketed window sills remain on the first floor.

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