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Joel Eade


Builder, architect, councillor, magistrate

Personal Photo 1
Eade in 1899. CHC PIC 123

Eade was prominent in various aspects of Collingwood life but is now probably best remembered for his involvement with the Collingwood School of Design. Pupils included the inventor Louis Brennan, who showed some of his work at the first exhibition, and the artist, Tom Roberts, who recalled the encouragement of 'higher aspirations in lads who might otherwise have dragged on as common plodders’.

Caroline (Carrie) Earle


Charity worker

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Caroline in 1924

The name ‘Mrs W J Earle’ made a very frequent appearance in newspaper articles from the 1890s to the 1930s. Caroline Earle was a tireless committee worker for several charities, including the Children’s Hospital, the Women’s Hospital, and the Collingwood Crèche. The last had been established in 1886 by the Reverend Dr Strong of the Australian Church and his wife Janet. Caroline became honorary treasurer and later president of the Crèche committee, while living for over forty years at Rathgael on the corner of Hoddle Street and Noone Street in Clifton Hill.

Aileen Emma Estcourt


Pianist, music teacher

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Aileen Escourt was a resident of Queens Parade Clifton Hill for over fifty years and taught piano for much of that time. Her home and place of work was Viola, now number 193. In this street the majority of buildings are shops with an upstairs dwelling, built on the front property line, with a verandah over the footpath originally. However Aileen’s house, and the neighbouring one at 189, date from an earlier period, being residential and possessing front gardens. Later the owner built a shop to the side of Viola and a smaller one partly in front of it, which nowadays, combined into one shop, partly obscure the view of the cottage.

Thomas Archibald Eunson

1872 -1958


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Rev T A Eunson

Reverend Eunson was the pastor of the Sackville Street Baptist Tabernacle from around 1908 to 1950, an extraordinary ministry of 42 years. He became well-known for his social work, helping the many poor of the Collingwood district. On the occasion of the commencement of the 35th year of his ministry the secretary of the Baptist Union of Victoria (Rev. G. P. Rees) paid tribute to Eunson, stating that his social service work had made him so widely known and beloved of the people of the district that he might well be known as ‘the Bishop of Collingwood.’

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