Collingwood Historical Society has published a number of books about Abbotsford, Clifton Hill and Collingwood, and others have been published by community organizations or by Yarra Libraries. All the titles listed below (except those marked OUT of PRINT) are available for sale at Collingwood Library. Collection can be arranged at other branches of the City of Yarra library service.

Books may also be purchased by mail; copy and paste this link:

 Note that the Queens Parade newsagent in Clifton Hill which has stocked our titles for years has now closed down.

The Royal Historical Society of Victoria bookshop stocks Bitter roots, sweet fruit.

The Abbotsford Post Office in Hood Street Collingwood stocks some of our titles.


 Four titles are published by Collingwood Community Health Centre (Co-health). You can find out pricing and availability below.


Bitter roots, sweet fruit:a history of schools in Collingwood, Abbotsford and Clifton Hill (2008)

Price: $22

Karen T Cummings

Life in Collingwood Today

Price: $6.60

Brimstone to Bunyip: churches of Collingwood, Clifton Hill and Abbotsford

Price: $16.50

Richard Peterson

A short history of Collingwood

Price: $13.20

G.M. Hibbins

In those days: Collingwood remembered (3rd ed.)

Price: $11

Also available as an e-book on the Resources for Schools page

Twenties child: a childhood recollection

Price: $11

Ivy Arney

‘I should be glad if a few elms and oaks were included’: the DarlingGardens, Clifton Hill

Price: $11

Tina Meyer and Graeme Loughlin

The following publications were published by North Yarra Community Health (now part of Co-health). These books are available for sale at Collingwood Library (see details above), and some titles are available from Terrace Gardens (florist) in Queens Parade, Clifton Hill.
Jungle Ball With Diamonds: Portraits of Collingwood’s Younger Men and Women

Price: $15

Andrew Lindsay

Missionaries Radicals Feminists – a History of North Yarra Community Health

Price: $20

Hamish Townsend

When Fish Had Feathers: Portraits of Collingwood’s Older Men

Price: $11

Andrew Lindsay

Dancing in the Kitchen: Portraits of Collingwood’s Older Women


Andrew Lindsay

The following publications are currently out of print, but may be consulted at Collingwood Library:



Note that more up-to-date information is available in the Hotels section of this website


This book is available as an e-book on our Street Names page
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