Streets, Parks and Lanes

Streets, Parks and Lanes

Collingwood Historical Society published in 1991 a booklet called Streets of Collingwood. We have updated and greatly expanded the contents recently and the fresh document is now available online. As always any additional information you can supply would be very welcome.

Here is the link to the 2021 edition of the Streets, Parks and Lanes of Collingwood document:

Streets, Parks & Lanes of Collingwood

An online book is very practical but perhaps you prefer to have a printed version? You can buy a copy from online suppliers which use a ‘Print on Demand’ service set up for us. Here are links to some well-known online booksellers:

Buy on Book Depository

Buy on Dymocks

Buy at Booktopia

If you prefer to check other suppliers, just do a search on the ISBN which is 9780645204162.

A talk about the history of our streets  is available on Youtube at this link:

You might also like to check the City of Yarra’s website which provides:

  1. A Road Register of all public roads grouped by area:
  2. The origin of some street names (those included in the street signage project) at:

Yarra Street Naming Policy

Street Naming must be undertaken pursuant to the requirements of the Guidelines for Geographic Names 2010.   Council uses indigenous names for Street Naming as part of Council’s indigenous partnership plan. The proposal is referred to Aboriginal Elders via Council’s Arts and Cultural Branch. Adjoining owners are involved in the consultation process.

Council does not consider naming unless there is a property actually fronting the street to be named. Among the name forms excluded by the regulations are first names, or the name of a living person. The detailed policy can be found on this page:


In case you want to go back to the earlier material, here is the link to the 1991 booklet:


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