Street Names

Street Names

Collingwood Historical Society published a booklet Streets of Collingwood in 1991, which is now out of print but can be viewed at Collingwood Library or online on this web site by clicking the link below. We do plan to update the contents eventually and you will notice a few (preliminary) pencilled additions on the PDF version, so keep in mind this is not the definitive version. As always any additional information you can supply would be very welcome.

Some new streets have been added since 1991, so you might also like to check the City of Yarra’s website which provides:

  1. A Road Register of all public roads grouped by area on this page:
  2. The origin of some street names (those included in the street signage project) at:

Yarra Street Naming Policy

Street Naming must be undertaken pursuant to the requirements of the Guidelines for Geographic Names 2010.   Council uses indigenous names for Street Naming as part of Council’s indigenous partnership plan. The proposal is referred to Aboriginal Elders via Council’s Arts and Cultural Branch. Adjoining owners are involved in the consultation process.

Council does not consider naming unless there is a property actually fronting the street to be named.

Recent subdivisions and naming include the following in Clifton Hill:

  • Yarrabing Lane Clifton Hill was named in March 2007. Yarrabing (which means the white-gum) is the tree that the Wurundjeri welcome people to their lands with. The Wurundjeri are the traditional custodians of the cultural heritage of this land.
  • Three streets constructed in the residential development constructed on the site of the former Synthetic Dyeworks Industries Pty Ltd.  (The names issued in this development are non-conforming, because the Guidelines do not support the use of first names.)
    • Barries Place      In 1958 Barrie Knight started the dyehouse (formerly known as  Synthetic Dyeworks), which had previously housed a tannery.
    • Stan Street         In 1959 Stan Fayman joined Barrie as his business partner.
    • Harrys Lane       Harry and Grace lived on the southeast corner of Gray and Noone streets; Harry was a chimney sweep for the Tannery and became the first employee at the dyeworks.

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